Saturday, 30 March 2013

Today's big stories

It's pouring with rain, we haven't seen the sun for a week, but as I switched on Sky News this morning, I knew my day was not going to be wasted. The next segment would be a forensic review of the day's newspaper coverage. I'd already seen that North Korea had raised the stakes in its conflict with the South, the Euro is still teetering on the brink and violence has broken out in Brazil where government policies ahead of next year's World Cup are under intense scrutiny. Which story would these highly trained professionals choose to analyse. There were four:

  • The Welsh couple who got stuck in a lift and missed their flight
  • The fat woman who had been on TV then stole a cake from a shop
  • A twenty five year old who had breast implants paid for by internet voyeurs
  • The travails of pretty women who see their film careers go south when they are no longer pretty.

Welcome to 24 hour news. I used to think it was because there wasn't enough going on in the world to justify round the clock programmes, now I realise the producers of this crap really can't be bothered to come up with anything worthwhile. 

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