Friday, 12 April 2013

Taxpayer's money and political stunts

I started to feel sorry for Paris Brown, the so called "Kids Commissioner", forced to resign from her job advising on policing in Kent. She had simply showed herself to be a party loving, vacuous, foul mouthed bigot. A typical teenager really. The problem was that she was being paid on the basis that she might offer some penetrating insights to her employers. Clearly that was not going to be the case.

The guilty party here is her unrepentent boss, Ann Barnes, the Police Commissioner who thought this was a good use of tax payers money. Elsewhere in the UK we are being threatened with sixteen year olds being given the vote on the basis that they are the future and they are entitled to have a say. These are pathetic stunts by useless politicians desperate for a nice fluffy, unchallenging TV appearance.

We are told that adults cannot have the perspective of an teenager, so we are unable to understand them properly. I have a vivid. albeit distant memory of being a teenager. Looking back on it now, I know only one thing for sure. I wasn't half as smart and worldly as I thought I was. Spare me from kids who think they know how the world should be run.

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